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Commercial EPC Morley

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  1. Quick Turnaround  - The Commercial EPC Morley surveyor will try to produce the Energy Performance Certificate in the quickest time possible. This will however depend on the complexity of the building and if the property has been registered with Landmark.
  2. Reports that last for ten years -All Commercial EPC reports are valid for a ten year period from the date that they were produced. Reports can be transferred from one owner to another on the sale of the property or from tenant to tenant for leasehold.
  3. Qualified Commercial EPC Morley Assessors - We will provide you with fully compliant assessors who are qualified to the level required for your type of building. They all belong to accreditation bodies who audit their work. 

Commercial EPC Morley assessor

Take the next step and get a quote from us. We will send an assessor who will do a full survey of your property. The length of time this will take will depend on the complexity of the building and the heating/ventilation arrangements. We will ensure that the report is completed in the quickest possible time. The EPC and Recommendation Reports are then sent to you be email. You can then send these on to your solicitor or any other interested parties.





For a quote, ring our Energy Assessments Manager on

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There are some types of commercial building that do not require and EPC, which we will let you know before giving you a quote. These include detached properties with low energy demand that are less than 50m², properties that are being demolished and places of worship. Also temporary structures with a planned use less than 2 years and low energy demand properties such as agricultural barns.

The commercial energy assessor (Non-Domestic Energy Assessor NDEA) will ensure that the correct level of assessment is carried out and produce the certificate in the fastest possible time. The Commercial EPC is usually sent within 48 hours of the EPC visit but this will depend on the variables encountered. The Commercial EPC is then registered with Landmark, which is the central register for all lodged reports. We will send you the completed report by email. Payment must be made in advance of the certificate being issued. We will therefore send you an invoice for immediate payment to ensure that a delay is not encountered. 

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